We use professional equipment. We record in the studio as well as in the desired location.



A good, professional recording requires a proper composition, setting the sounds, applying effects.



Finally, we edit the songs so that they create an integrated album.



You are ready to conquer the music scene! Get fame and your own groupies.



stacjamuzyka jarek

Jarosław Kozub


Music has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. In my childhood, there were my parents' records and spools, then there was my own record and cassette tape collection. During my high school years, music was the main factor in a process of shaping my worldview. It was then that I went to Jarocin Music Festival for the very first time. I let the rebellion shouting from the stage became the guide in my life and decided to become one with it. Despite the obstacles and life situations- technical studies, work, family, children, all of the time I kept the faith that one day the music will rule my life. 

 Finally, I succeeded, I got back to playing bass guitar, which is my favourite, then II became interested in sound and music production. With a little help from my friends, I've created our little musical world, which over time evolved into today's Music Station. From basement recordings to solid semi-professionalism, experimenting mostly on ourselves, we've created a few quality productions. But we were reaching much higher.
It was my belief that in order to make it in the world of music production, one needs to find their own distinctive feature, something characteristic and unique. That's why I've created Music Station. A place with a distinct character, where everyone can feel comfortable and be sure that his work will not be drown in the ocean of ever-present mediocrity. I have established cooperation with professionals and visionaries and learned how to use their skills and implement the most unusual ideas. Good is not enough. Beautiful, moving, ecstatic, that's what I'm striving for.

I feel blessed to be surrounded by wonderful people in whom I put full confidence and from whom I receive an enormous amount of support, valuable advice, constructive comments, but also a smile and a good word every day. This is what we have to offer to musicians who put their talents in our humble hands

stacjamuzyka pawel

Paweł Osicki


Drummer, vocalist, composer, artist, music teacher, architect – a Renaissance man indeed.
He approaches the sound visually and creatively, calling himself a Music Producer, not a sound engineer.
For many years, he's been collaborating with leading jazz and pop musicians in Poland, which allowed him to gain valuable experience while working in a major recording studios.
His co-operators include: Skubas, Pogodno, Reni Jusis, Antoni Gralak, Kev Fox, Sławomir Jaskułke, Wojtek Mazolewski, Soyka, Budyń, Irek Wojtczak, Joanna Duda, Maria Ka.
Best of discography:
• Pusz & Stanisław Soyka
• Ignacy Wiśniewski Trio
• Agata Świętoń
• Kids Of Cherno
In his work he likes to combine different styles and diversity od ideas which often leads to unexpected results. In a good way.

stacjamuzyka przemek niebieska bluza

Przemysław Rembas


Above all a guitarist. Also a composer and a sound hunter. Over the years, he gained experience in the field of musical composition, arrangement and instrumentation. He developed his talents under the wings of Janusz Popławski (Blue and Black) and at numerous local jazz workshops.
In effort to produce the right sounds he studied at Studio Izabelin C (Warsaw), Studio Fort 11 (Warsaw) and Krzysztof Maszota at New Project Production.
For him, all life is music. In order for it be interesting, one needs to fill it with emotions. Quality is important, but emotions are the essential ingredient that puts the spice in life, inspires and makes him come back for more, time after time. Beauty found in people, REC button pressed.... That is his whole life philosophy.
Meanwhile, he builds special guitar effects.

dawid manager stacja muzyka. 720 460

Dawid Kisiel


Physiotherapist by training, professional dancer by a passionate choice. Also, a specialist in the field of communication and social media. Such an outrages combination allows him to look at each field with fresh eyes. An artist by heart, in the music industry he feels right at home.


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