Nagranie i postprodukcja: Paweł Osicki

Kids of Cherno/ “No Mercy No Pharmacy” (WOOD & MOOD Records, 2018)
Full album available at

Music: Katarzyna Borek & Paweł PUSZ Osicki
Music production: Paweł PUSZ Osicki

CD cover artwork : Anna Nizio

The duet creates electronic, experimental and abstract music. Their compositions consist of sounds of many acoustic and electronic instruments. They utilize many percussive instruments, acoustic piano, rhodes piano, synthesizers, and drums. In addition, the duet reached for non-standard sounds which are made by hand-crafted instruments or even children’s musical toys. Transcending, intricate rhythms often become the guiding theme for the accompanying, experimental, electronic keyboard instruments. In other works, the main voice is the melody or the spatial sounds of the piano (Rhodes). Most compositions are created in a spontaneous improvisation process and their co-operation thus far transcends specific classification as it is constantly evolving.

Instruments used: Fender Rhodes, Casio SK15, Looper, Unitra Estrada, drums, various string and percussion instruments, voice, music boxes, toys, flutes, accordion, animals, bandoneon, guitar, trumpet, contrapoints.