Nagranie i postprodukcja: Paweł Osicki

Dawid Złotkowski - wokal
Michał Buhrke - gitara
Aneta Eron - bas
Mariusz Dorsz- perkusja

Dawid Złotkowski - tekst:

Walking down the street,
searching for the best in me.
My endless fear,
never let me grow up here,

but something inside...

Walking down the street,
i see You next to me.
Together in ecstasy
the shadow falls through the tree.
Just we're falling in love,
like a ordinary kids,

but something inside,
nothing tells me.
But something inside...

never let me live with you properly,
dreaming about a normal life.
Never let me live with you properly,
i will be better afterlife.

Just wanna screaming (without permission),
Just wanna be like You...